Reading List

What I have read.
An eclectic list, undifferentiated by genre, vertically stacked like a pile of books on a bookshelf, the last one read atop the previous; like sedimentary layers of sand, mud and silt that will compact in the subconscious over time. To metamorphose with additional pressure. Some remain unfinished, some are unputdownable, some read again (2) and again (3) … and again (n).

Heat 3.3
John Hughes, The dogs
Steven Amsterdam, What the family needed (2)
Steven Amsterdam, Things we didn’t see coming (2)
Agota Kristof, The third lie
Agota Kristof, The proof
Agota Kristof, The notebook
Yuri Herrera, Diez planetas
Heat 3.2
Albert Camus,
The outsider (5)
Jessica Au, Cold enough for snow
Heat 3.1

Melissa Manning, Smokehouse
Shirley Hazzard, The transit of Venus
Michael Christie, Greenwood
Rod Moss, Crossing the great divide: memoir of an artist
Richard Powers, Bewilderment

Mikhail Bulgakov, Diaboliad and other stories

Holly Ringland, The lost flowers of Alice Hart
Xavier Herbert, Carpentaria
Mikhail Bulgakov, The heart of a dog
Henry Reynolds & Nicholas Clements, Tongerlongeter: First Nations leader & Tasmanian war hero
Adam Thompson, Born into this
Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

Evelyn Araluen, Drop bear
Rumaan Alam, Leave the world behind

Madeleine Watts, The inland sea
Amanda Lohrey, The labyrinth: a pastoral
Franz Kafka, Amerika (The man who disappeared)
Flock: First Nations stories then and now

Ellen van Neervan, Throat
Laszlo Krasznahorkai, Satantango
Charles Chewings, The sources of the Finke River and other expeditions
Ellen van Neerven, Comfort food
J Krishnamurti, The first and last freedom
Favel Parrett, There was still love
Stephan Bodian, Beyond mindfulness: the direct approach to lasting peace, happiness, and love
Craig Reucassel, Fight for planet A: the climate challenge and what we can do when there’s no planet B
Jane Harper, The dry
Heather Rose, Bruny
Kobo Abe, The ruined map
Elizabeth Tan, Smart ovens for lonely people
Swami Rajeswarananda, Thus spake Ramana
Elizabeth Tan, Rubik
Kobo Abe, The box man

Robbie Arnott, The rain heron

Ali Smith, Public library and other stories
Sallie Tisdale, Advice for future corpses (and those who love them)
Ali Smith, Summer

Gail Jones, Our shadows
Tara Brach, Radical acceptance: embracing your life with the heart of a buddha
Steve Gordon & Irene Kacandes, Let’s talk about death: asking the questions that profoundly change the way we live and die
John Hughes & Marco Luccio, The garden of sorrows
Peter Docker, Someone else’s country
Richard Flanagan, The living sea of waking dreams
John Hughes, Someone else: fictional essays
John Hughes, Asylum
Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis and other stories
John Hughes, No one
Lynne Kelly, The memory code: the traditional Aboriginal memory technique that unlocks the secrets of … ancient monuments the world over
Suzanne Harper, Feng shui for you: ancient wisdom for modern living
Tara June Winch, The yield
Carrie Tiffany, Exploded view
Walter Benjamin, Illuminations
Albert Camus, Exile and the kingdom: stories
Michel Houellebecq, Serotonin
Alex Landragin, Crossings
Yuri Herrera, A silent fury: the El Bordo Mine fire 
Franz Kafka, The burrow: posthumously published short fiction
Fernando Pessoa, I have more souls than one 
Jose Saramago, Baltasar and Blimunda
Jose Saramago, The gospel according to Jesus Christ (2)

Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Journey to the end of the night
Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths: selected stories and other writings
Jorge Luis Borges, The book of sand
Jorge Luis Borges, The perpetual race of Achilles and the tortoise
Dani Powell, Return to dust
Norman Mailer, The gospel according to the son
Steven Amsterdam, The easy way out
Imre Kertesz, Fateless
Jose Saramago, The cave
Patrick Modiano, Missing person
Camilo Jose Cela, The family of Pascual Duarte

Mario Vargas Llosa, The time of the hero
Les Murray, Fredy Neptune: a novel in verse
Patrick Modiano, Suspended sentences
Michael Giacometti, My life & other fictions
Laura Jean McKay, The animals in that country

Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a mask
Imre Kertesz, Kaddish for an unborn child
Ted Hughes, Crow: from the life and songs of the Crow (2)

Bruno Lloret, Nancy
Yasunari Kawabata, The sound of the mountain
Yasunari Kawabata, Beauty and sadness 
Yasunari Kawabata, The old capital
Colum McCann, Apeirogon
Robin Robertson, The long take: or A way to lose more slowly
Robin Bowles, Accidental death?: when things may not be as they seem

Yuri Herrera, Signs preceding the end of the world (3)
Colum McCann, Letters to a young writer: some practical and philosophical advice
Colum McCann, Thirteen ways of looking
Leonard Cohen, Book of mercy
Bhagavad Gita (3)
Don DeLillo, The names
Margaret Atwood, Moral disorder and other stories
Don Delillo, The angel Esmeralda: nine stories
Margaret Atwood, The handmaid’s tale
Jose Saramago, The elephant’s journey

Patrick Holland, One

Leni Shilton, Malcolm: a story in verse
Christos Tsiolkas, Damascus
Robert Macfarlane, Underland: a deep time journey
Imre Kertesz, Detective story
Valeria Luiselli, The story of my teeth
Primo Levi, The periodic table

Delia Falconer, The service of clouds
Primo Levi, The sixth day and other tales
Ernesto Sabato, The tunnel
Patrick Holland, Navigatio
Stanislaw Lem, Solaris
Gregory Day, A sand archive
Alice Bishop, A constant hum 
Amanda O’Callaghan, This taste for silence: stories
Behrouz Boochani, No friend but the mountains: writing from Manus Prison
China Mieville, This census-taker
Jennifer Mills, Dyschronia 
Gail Jones, The death of Noah Glass
China Mieville, Three moments of an explosion: stories
Philip K Dick, The man in the high castle
Billy Griffiths, Deep time dreaming: uncovering ancient Australia
Jamie Marina Lau, Pink Mountain on Locust Island
Nam Le, David Malouf: writers on writers
Ursula K le Guin, Words are my matter: writings about life and books 2000-2016
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The little prince
Ahn Do-hyun, The salmon who dared to leap higher
Kobayashi Issa, The spring of my life and selected haiku
Richard Powers, The overstory
Ali Smith, Spring
Kilgore Trout, The collected stories of Kilgore Trout
Rebe Taylor, Into the heart of Tasmania: a search for human antiquity
Christos Tsiolkas, Patrick White: writers on writers
Shaun Prescott, The town
Valeria Luiselli, Faces in the crowd
Samuel Beckett, More pricks than kicks
Kamel Daoud, The Meursault investigation
Guadalupe Nettel, Natural histories
Ceridwen Dovey, JM Coetzee: writers on writers
Yuri Herrera, The transmigration of bodies (2)
Maria Tumarkin, Axiomatic
Susan Cooper, The Grey King (2)
Robbie Arnott, Flames
Sayaka Murata, Convenience store woman
Susan Cooper, Greenwitch (2)
Susan Cooper, The Dark is rising (2)

Susan Cooper, Over sea, under stone (2)
CS Lewis, The last battle (2)
CS Lewis, The silver chair (2)
CS Lewis, The voyage of the Dawn Treader (2)
CS Lewis, Prince Caspian (2)
CS Lewis, The horse and his boy (2)
CS Lewis, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (2)
CS Lewis, The magician’s nephew (2)
Sheila Heti, Motherhood 

Bruce Springsteen, Born to run 
Julian Barnes, The porcupine

Vladimir Nabakov, The eye
Gillian Mears, A map of the gardens: stories by Gillian Mears
Laura Elvery, Trick of the light: stories
Norton Juster, The phantom tollbooth
Bram Presser, The book of dirt
Tony Birch, Common people
Claire Aman, Bird country
Jennifer Down, Pulse points: stories
Bob Dylan, The Nobel lecture
Shalom Auslander, Beware of God: stories
Milan Kundera, Identity
Brian Castro, Blindness and rage: a phantasmagoria: a novel in thirty-four cantos
James Boyce, 1835: the founding of Melbourne and the conquest of Australia
Eva Hornung, The last garden
Italo Calvino, Invisible cities
Ali Smith, Winter
David Peace, Patient X: the case-book of Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Claire G Coleman, Terra nullius
Ali Smith, Autumn

Michael Sala, The restorer
James Boyce, Born bad: original sin and the making of the Western world
Robert Macfarlane, Mountains of the mind: a history of a fascination
Leni Shilton, Walking with camels: the story of Bertha Strehlow
Robert Macfarlane, The old ways: a journey on foot
David Roberts, True summit: what really happened on Maurice Herzog’s first legendary ascent of Annapurna
Michelle de Kretser, Questions of travel
Ceridwen Dovey, Only the animals
Kim Scott, Taboo
Michelle de Kretser, The life to come
Roald Dahl, Kiss kiss
M Barnard Eldershaw, Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Karel Capek, RUR
Italo Svevo, Zeno’s conscience
Margareta Magnusson, The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning: how to free yourself and your family from a lifetime of clutter
Felicity Castagna, No more boats
Karel Capek, Collection of stories 
Ryan O’Neill, Their brilliant careers: the fantastic lives of sixteen extraordinary Australian writers

Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Rashomon and seventeen other stories
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Ganapati Aradhana (2)
Charles Duff, A handbook on hanging 
William Carlos Williams, The knife of the times
Kazuaki Tanahashi, The Heart Sutra: a comprehensive guide to the classic of Mahayana Buddhism 
Richard Flanagan, First person
Cormac McCarthy, Child of God
Tim Winton, Minimum of two
Nam Le, The boat (2)
Sjon, Moonstone: the boy who never was
Yuri Herrera, Kingdom cons
The Tain: from the Irish epic Tain Bo Cuailnge (2)
Laird Hunt, Neverhome
Sharon Creech, Love that dog
Glenn Morrison, Songlines and fault lines: epic walks of the Red Centre 
Michel Houellebecq, Submission
Tommy Wieringa, These are the names
Denis Johnson, The laughing monsters
Jeanette Winterson, Weight (2)
Evie Wyld, All the birds, singing
Roberto Bolano, The return
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, The life of a stupid man
Roberto Bolano, By night in Chile
Richard Brautigan, Sombrero fallout: a Japanese novel
Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a young poet & The letter from the young worker
Richard Brautigan, Trout fishing in America
Raymond Carver, All of us: the collected poems 
Richard Brautigan, A Confederate General from Big Sur
Jorge Luis Borges, Seven nights (3)
Gary Snyder, Mountains and rivers without end 
Penny Drysdale, Dew and broken glass 
Bandi, The accusation: forbidden stories from inside North Korea
Laszlo Krasznahorkai, The last wolf
Ted Hughes, Crow: from the life and songs of the Crow
Donald Thomson, Bindibu country
Bill Gammage, The biggest estate on earth: how Aborigines made Australia 
Cory Taylor, Dying: a memoir
Maureen O’Shaughnessy, Lakeland
Lynne Spender, Between the lines: a legal guide for writers and illustrators 
Bruce Pascoe, Dark emu: black seeds, agriculture or accident
Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: a history of walking 
Michelle Cahill, Vishvarupa
Yuri Herrera, Signs preceding the end of the world (2)
Ken Kalfus, Coup de foudre: a novella and stories
Yuri Herrera, The transmigration of bodies
Ken Kalfus, Pu-239 and other Russian fantasies
Andrew Kaufman, All my friends are superheroes
Tao Lin, Eeeee eee eeee
Christina Stead, The Salzburg tales
Yuri Herrera, Signs preceding the end of the world

Tales from 1,001 nights
Yukio Mishima, The temple of dawn
Yukio Mishima, The sailor who fell from grace with the sea
Michelle Cahill, Letter to Pessoa
Shusaku Endo, Silence
Dhammapada (3)
AS Patric, Black rock white city

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Head Heart & Hands (2)
Ota Pavel, How I came to know fish
Bhagavad Gita (2)
Karel Capek, War with the newts
Gyula Krudy, Life is a dream
Slawomir Mrozek, The elephant
Shusaku Endo, Volcano
Ben Fountain, Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk
Kobo Abe, The woman in the dunes
David Mitchell, Number9dream
Haruki Murakami, Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world
Raymond Carver, Beginners
Ellen van Neerven, Heat and light
Raymond Carver, What we talk about when we talk about love
Robert Musil, Flypaper
Haruki Murakami, The strange library
Raymond Carver, Cathedral
AS Patric, Las Vegas for vegans
AS Patric, The rattler and other stories
Carmel Bird, My hearts are your hearts
Michael Sala, The last thread
Jen Craig, Panthers and the museum of fire
Fernando Pessoa, The book of disquiet
Kenneth Cook, Fear is the rider
Christopher Vogler, The writer’s journey: mythic structure for writers (3rd edition) 
Martin Johnston, Cicada gambit
Stan Grant, Talking to my country
Thomas Keneally, The survivor
Dal Stivens, A horse of air
Charlotte Wood, The natural way of things
Thomas Keneally, Bring larks and heroes
Gerald Murnane, Barley patch
Rishi Nityabodhananda, Ajna chakra 
Dennis Palumbo, Writing from the inside out: transforming your psychological blocks to release the writer within
Rebecca Solnit, A field guide to getting lost 
Mary Manning, Damaged in transit
Olga Masters, Amy’s children
Junot Diaz, Drown
David Ireland, The glass canoe
Jessica Anderson, The Commandant
Kenneth Cook, Wake in fright
Lorrie Moore, Bark
Thea Astley, The slow natives
Charles Mountford, Brown men and red sand: journeyings in wild Australia
Amy Witting, I for Isobel
Randolph Stow, The suburbs of hell
Atticus Lish, Preparation for the next life  
Raymond Chandler, The long goodbye
Geordie Williamson, The burning library: our great novelists lost and found

Junot Diaz, This is how you lose her
Raymond Chandler, The big sleep
Gail Jones, A guide to Berlin
Albert Camus, The outsider (4)
Lorrie Moore, How to become a writer
Peter Garrett, Big blue sky: a memoir 
Richard Flanagan, And what do you do, Mr Gable? 
The Gospel of Thomas
The Apocryphon of James
Vladimir Nabokov, Pale fire
TKV Desikachar, Reflections on the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali
Damien Keown, Buddhism: a very short introduction 
The Gospel of Philip
Serapion, The life of John the Baptist 
Glenn Wheatley, Paper paradise: confessions of a rock’n’roll survivor
The Queen v Charles K, 2000 
Linda Woodhead, Christianity: a very short introduction
Vladimir Nabokov, Pnin
Norman Solomon, Judaism: a very short introduction 
Geoff Dyer, Zona: a book about a film about a journey to a room
Swami Ahimsadhara, Yoga day by day: a guide to holistic practices for healthy living 
Malise Ruthven, Islam: a very short introduction 
Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita
Meg Mooney, Being Martha’s friend
Jan Bauer, The salty river 
Cracking the spine: ten short Australian stories and how they were written
Jorge Luis Borges, Seven nights (2)
Adi Sankaracharya, Aparokshanubhuti 
Graham Greene, The quiet American
José Saramago, The year of the death of Ricardo Reis
Sebastiao Salgado, Genesis
John Bunyan, The pilgrim’s progress from this world, to that which is to come: delivered under the similitude of a dream
DT Suzuki, An introduction to Zen Buddhism 
Czeslaw Milosz, Selected and last poems, 1931-2004 
José Saramago, The lives of things
Czeslaw Milosz (ed.), A book of luminous things: an international anthology of poetry
José Saramago, Death at intervals
José Saramago, Blindness
Nobel Lectures: from the Literature Laureates, 1986 to 2006
Virginia Woolf, To the lighthouse
Michel Houellebecq, Platform
Robert Dessaix, What days are for 
Randolph Stow, The girl green as elderflower
Drusilla Modjeska, Amanda Lohrey, Robert Dessaix, Secrets 
Gabrielle Carey, In my father’s house 
William Faulkner, The sound and the fury
Carlos Fuentes, The death of Artemio Cruz
Hermann Hesse, The glass bead game
Barry Hill, Broken song: TGH Strehlow and aboriginal possession 
TGH Strehlow, Journey to Horseshoe Bend

Margaret Brown, The Choice guide to digital photography
paper wasp 20-4 
Susan Fielding, Boy in midair 
Saskia Beudel, A country in mind: memoir with landscape
The sound of water: haiku by Basho, Buson, Issa and other poets (trans. Sam Hamill) 
Japanese death poems: written by Zen monks and haiku poets on the verge of death 
Richard Flanagan, The narrow road to the deep north
James Joyce, A portrait of the artist as a young man
Charles Winnecke, Herbert River and NE exploring expedition 
Swami Satyananda, Ishavasya Upanishad
Alexis Wright, The swan book 
Gerald Murnane, Inland
Jorge Luis Borges, On Writing
Jorge Luis Borges, Seven Nights 
Italo Calvino, Cosmicomics
Eleanor Hogan, Alice Springs
Rod Moss, One thousand cuts
Stig Dagerman, The games of night
Vladimir Nabokov, Glory
Voltaire, Candide
Shantideva, The way of the Bodhisattva
Franz Keim & Carl Otto Czeschka (illus.), Die Nibelungen 
Rishi Nityabodhananda, Swadhisthana chakra
Ged Zochling, Poems from an outback toilet cleaner
Christos Tsolkas, Barracuda

Swami Niranjanananda, Yoga: philosophy to realization
Swami Niranjanananda, Ganapati aradhana
Swami Niranjanananda, Head, heart & hands
Swami Sivananda, Swami Satyananda & Swami Niranjanananda, Water the roots
Ajahn Brahmavamso, The basic method of meditation
The Holy Bible
Edward Eyre, An account of the manners and customs of the Aborigines and the state of their relations with Europeans
Edward Charles Frome, Outline of the method of conducting a trigonometrical survey, for the formation of geographical and topographical maps and plans (extract)
George Grey, Journals of expeditions of discovery in North-West and Western Australia, during the years 1837-8-9 (extract)
IK Taimni, An introduction to Hindu symbolism
Herbert Basedow, Notes on some native tribes of Central Australia
NT Literary Awards 2013 anthology
Joshua Santospirito, Craig san Roque’s The long weekend in Alice Springs
The Gospel of Judas (apocrypha)
The Gospel according to Mary of Magdala (apocrypha)
The Gospel according to Peter (apocrypha)
Traditional healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari
Randolph Stow, The merry-go-round in the sea
Charles Sturt, Narrative of an expedition into Central Australia … during the years 1844, 5 and 6
Edward Eyre, Journals of expeditions of discovery into Central Australia
Denis Johnson, Train dreams
Gordon Connell, The mystery of Ludwig Leichhardt
Ernest Hemmingway, The old man and the sea (2)
Randolph Stow, Tourmaline
Ovid, Metamorphoses (2)
Thea Astley, A kindness cup
Statius, Thebaid
Julia Leigh, Disquiet (2)
John Lort Stokes, Discoveries in Australia: … during the voyage of HMS Beagle in the years 1837-43
AC Gregory, Journals of Australian Explorations: North Australian Expedition 1855 to 1856; Search for Leichhardt 1857-58
David Mitchell, Cloud atlas
Phillip Parker King, Narrative of a survey of the intertropical and western coasts of Australia between the years 1818 and 1822
Thomas Mitchell, Journal of an expedition into the interior of tropical Australia in search of a route from Sydney to the Gulf of Carpentaria
Thomas Mitchell, Three expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia
Magnus Mills, Explorers of the new century
Jorge Luis Borges, Fictions (3)
Randolph Stow, To the islands
Chloe Wilson, The mermaid problem
Randolph Stow, Visitants
Trekking in the Indian Himalaya (Lonely Planet)
Steve Toltz, A fraction of the whole
Matthew Flinders, Voyage to Terra Australis (Vol 2, Appendix 1 & 2)
Saul Bellow, Humboldt’s gift
Michel Houellebecq, HP Lovecraft: against the world, against life
Alison Moore, The lighthouse
Albert Camus, The first man
Albert Camus, The fall
Ryan O’Neill, The weight of a human heart

James Joyce, Ulysses
Barry Hill, The inland sea
Laurent Binet, HHhH
Veronica Dobson, Arelhe-kenhe Merrethene (Arrernte traditional healing)
Rebecca Novick, Fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism
Albert Camus, The rebel: an essay on man in revolt
The Dhammapada
TGH Strehlow, Central Australian religion: personal monototemism in a polytotemic community
Dalai Lama XIV, The joy of living and dying in peace
Dalai Lama XIV, Awakening the heart, lightening the mind
Dalai Lama XIV, The way to freedom
Carmel Williams, The butcher’s window
Penny van Oosterzee, The centre: the natural history of Australia’s desert regions
Charles Chewings, The sources of the Finke River
Dorothy Butler, The barefoot bush walker
Luke Davies, Interferon psalms
Rohan Wilson, The roving party
TGH Strehlow, Comments on the journals of JMD Stuart
Barry Lopez, Arctic dreams: imagination and desire in a northern landscape
Michael Houellebecq, Atomised
Ali Cobby Eckermann, Ruby Midnight
Bronwyn Lea, The other way out
Patti Smith, Just kids
NT Literary Awards anthology 2012
Patrick Holland, The source of the sound
Arthur Groom, I saw a strange land: journeys in Central Australia
Dael Allison, Fairweather’s raft
Kelly-lee Hickey, Thicker than water
Ryan Van Winkle, Tomorrow, we will live here
Favel Parrett, Past the shallows
Patrick Holland, The Mary Smokes boys
Franz Kafka, The castle
Philip Jones, Images of the interior: seven Central Australian photographers
Albert Camus, The myth of Sisyphus and other essays
Philip Jones, Ochre and rust: artefacts and encounters on Australian frontiers
Michel Houellebecq, The map and the territory
Russell Hoban, The lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz
Charles D’Ambrosio, The dead fish museum
Tea Obreht, The tiger’s wife
Isabelle Eberhardt, The oblivion seekers
JanetteTurnerHospital, Forecast: turbulence
Orhan Pamuk, The white castle
Kim Mahood, Craft for a dry lake
Julian Barnes, Pulse
Pat Lowe & Jimmy Pike, Jilji: life in the Great Sandy Desert
Philip Jones & Anna Kenny, Australia’s Muslim cameleers: pioneers of the inland 1860s-1930s
Island 127
Ulf Kuster, Alberto Giacometti: space, figure, time
Lee Cataldi, The women who live on the ground
Alexis Wright, Carpentaria
Kim Scott, That deadman dance
Joseph Heller, Catch-22 (3)
The best American nonrequired reading 2011
Jean-Paul Satre, Nausea
Napaljarri & Lee Cataldi, Warlpiri dreamings and histories
MJ Hyland, This is how
Jose Saramago, Cain
Albert Camus, The stranger (3)

MJ Hyland, Carry me down
Anna Funder, All that I am
Escape: an anthology of short stories
Steven Amsterdam, What the family needed
Chris Womersley, Bereft
Meg Mundell, Black glass
Julian Barnes, The sense of an ending
Jessica Au, Cargo
Nam Le, The boat (2)
Helen Garner, Honour & Other people’s children
Markus Zusak, The book thief
Eric Newby, A short walk in the Hindu Kush
Andrew McGahan, Praise
Orhan Pamuk, Other colours: essays and a story (extracts)
Anne Enright, Taking pictures
Derek Whitelock, Adelaide 1836–1976: a history of difference
Nikolay Gogol, Dead souls
Mario Vargas Llhosa, The war of the end of the world
Delia Falconer, The lost thoughts of soldiers & selected stories
Sophie Cunningham, Melbourne
Derek Parker, Outback: the discovery of Australia’s interior
William Gass, Omensetter’s luck
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina
Aleksandr Pushkin, Eugene Onegin
WEH Stanner, The Dreaming & other essays
Cate Kennedy, The taste of river water
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The brothers Karamazov
Anna Krien, Into the woods
Arnold Zable, Jewels and ashes
Leo Tolstoy, The death of Ivan Ilyich and other stories
Herman Hesse, Steppenwolf (2)
Paul Kelly, How to make gravy
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and punishment
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from underground
Bruno’s song and other stories from the NT
Yann Martel, Beatrice and Virgil
Peter Temple, The broken shore
Peter Temple, Truth
DBC Pierre, Ludmilla’s broken English

Nicolas Rothwell, The red highway
Mark Tredinnick, The blue plateau: a landscape memoir
Jorge Luis Borges, The aleph
Cormac McCarthy, Cities of the plain
Levin A Diatschenko, The rooftop sutras
MK Turner, Iwenhe Tyerrtye: what it means to be an Aboriginal person
Barry Jonsberg, Blacky blasts back!: on the trail of the Tassie Tiger
Barry Jonsberg & Craig Phillips (ill.), The heart of the forest
Nick Bland, Twinkle
Leonie Norrington & Dee Huxley (ill.), Look see, look at me!
Jasmine Jan, Counting with birds: from northern Australia
T & C Goode, Baby SOS: common problems & solutions: birth to twelve months
Toni Tapp Couts, Bill Tapp: cattle king
Cormac McCarthy, The sunset limited
Levin A Diatschenko, The man who never sleeps
Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary
Robert Dessaix, The night letters
Dante, The Divine Comedy: Purgatory (2)
Martin Amis, Night train
Orhan Pamuk, Snow
Mario Vargas Llosa, The feast of the goat
Cormac McCarthy, All the pretty horses
Louis Nowra, ‘Ten anecdotes about Lord Howe Island’ (from The Australian Long Story)
David Musgrave, Glissando
Sleepers Almanac 4
Murray Bail, The pages
Rod Moss, The hard light of day
Jorge Luis Borges & Adolfo Bioy Casares, Extraordinary tales
M is for Mates: Animals in wartime from Ajax to Zep
Ernest Hemmingway, The old man and the sea
Tim Flannery, The weather makers
Eva Sallis, Hiam
Arnold Zable, Sea of many returns
Germaine Greer, On rage
James Murray, My life in the sea of cars
Alice Pung, Unpolished gem
Patrick Allington, Figurehead
Cyril Wong, Let me tell you something about that night
Sonya Hartnett, Butterfly
Leonie Norrington, The devil you know
Frank Moorhouse, The dark palace (incomplete, 100 pages)
Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary (incomplete, 100 pages)
Ovid, Metamorphoses (extracts)
Jennifer Mills, Prospect & other stories
Jennifer Mills, Unconditional love & other stories
Orhan Pamuk, My name is Red
Franz Kafka,
The trial
Kalinda Ashton, The danger game
Steven Amsterdam, Things we didn’t see coming
Cate Kennedy, The world beneath
Cormac McCarthy, The road (2)
Eva Hornung, Dog boy
Ivan Rudolph, Sturt’s desert drama
Ten short stories you must read this year
Jorge Luis Borges, The book of sand & Shakespeare’s memory
Imre Kertesz, Liquidation
Italo Calvino, The path to the spiders’ nests
Christos Tsiolkas, Dead Europe

Tim Winton, Dirt music
JM Coetzee, Elizabeth Costello
Amy Witting, Isobel on the way to the corner shop
Joan London, Gilgamesh
Myfanwy Jones, The rainy season
2009 (December)



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