Cracking the Spine


Spineless Wonders will soon (in July) release an outstanding new book for readers and lovers of writing, Cracking the Spine. I could wax lyrical about why it is so important, why you MUST read it, but better to leave it to the chief literary critic of The Australian, Geordie Williamson:

“Cracking the spine is not just a deftly curated overview of the contemporary Australian short story, including pieces by ten of the best practitioners at work today. The auto-critical essays that accompany each work gesture even more widely. Literature, life, landscape, history: the whole gamut of Antipodean experience may be gleaned from its pages. An ideal resource for those interested in Ozlit, Cracking the Spine is also a pure pleasure to read.”

And if you hadn’t already guessed, I am one of those ten mentioned, with short story ‘my abbr.d life’ and essay ‘The madness or the method’.