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Die Nibelungen, Carl Otto Czeschka

Franz Keim & Carl Otto Czeschka (illus.), Die Nibelungen (faksimile edition 1972).

Of all the beautiful and wonderful artworks and objects at the Vienna Art + Design exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne, the one that most intrigued me was the open pages of what appeared to be a graphic novel. I was being rushed to the close and did not take note of the creator or the title of the artwork. I searched in vain on the web afterwards, as the focus was placed on Klimt, Hoffmann and others. But recently during a trip to Melbourne, I revisited the NGV bookshop and perused a copy of the exhibition book. And there, I found what I had been seeking for two years.

Oh, I wish I could spend the asking price of $1000 or more for the original 1909 edition, with almost square 150x165mm pages. Instead, from Germany, I ordered a 1972 faksimile edition with 90x105mm illustrations. It is such a lovely work. I cannot read the German, but I bought it for the enchanting illustrations and design, not the actual text. It cost $6.50 including postage.

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