A review that will sell books

Who said reviews had no power to sell books anymore?

CTS_final_frtHelen Elliot’s review of Cracking the Spine (published by Spineless Wonders) in the recent Weekend Australian will have copies of the book walking off bookshelves if only bookstores stocked small independent publishers. Although Readings have the book on their list, they have no in-store stock for readers to peruse. [Updated 31 October: Within a week of this post on 17 September, Readings rectified the situation, got copies in stock, and updated their own ‘review’ of the book.] To get a copy you must visit one of the few bookstores that do stock it, or order direct from the publisher. Better still, hassle your local friendly bookstore staff to order it in for you. That way they will get to see what it is, and maybe order a few more, and sell them too!

Read the full review here.

And as for my story and essay, here’s a review extract:

… 10 immodestly brilliant stories … illuminating … intense

Only rarely does a reviewer come across a perfect collection. If this is the state of Australian short fiction the horizon looks spacious. Modesty, the commonality of voice in these stories and essays, is inappropriate. Everyone who is interested in the depth, breadth, sophistication and vitality of writing today needs this slender little book on their desk.

My Abbr.d Life, Michael Giacometti’s heart-stopping story, lobs into your emotional landscape and you finish distraught. Then you read the essay and must start reading over again. The story about a dead six-year-old takes three (perfect) pages.